The Show

The podcast is an expression of the limitless possibilities that we all have inside. The Raphael “Doctah” Love Podcast is the brain child of Raphael Love. He was looking for a way to reach more people with the message of the powerful superhero that lies asleep in our hearts. And that by awakening that power we have the ability to do super human things as well as create massive change in our lives. When the podcast was created he did not expect the overwhelming  positive and heartfelt responses that he received. He knew at that point he was headed in a fitting  direction.

Each episode covers things that anyone can do to bring about change in thier lives in a very fun and quite unique way. Raphael’s passion is quite clear that he believes in the power of the human spirit and that we all can do it! It is truly something that serves as evidence; “his effort is a testimony to his devotion”! One of the things that has come from the Podcast is the 100 Miles In 100 Days Challenge. It has really provided individuals looking to make change a very simple strategy to build on daily successes to create the framework in building a new life.

The #100MileIn100Days Challenge is really gaining momentum and if you would like to hear how it all began you can listen to that episode here.

Here are a few of the testimonials that the podcast has received

Raphael ” The Doctah” Love is a special man with special gifts that he enthusiastically shares with everyone that crosses his path… in person, through his podcast or live broadcast.  What you see and hear is the “real Raphael”. He has a genuine desire to help people bring out the best in themselves in order to live a happy, successful,and fulfilling life! He is a supportive and insightful man that willingly gives of himself. His podcasts are entertaining and thought provoking…they will make you laugh, make you think and motivate you to be “the best you”!!  – TD

Thank you Raphael for sharing your heart, your experience and your caring.  You are truly an inspiration. I appreciate how willing you are to do for others, knowing that it is how we will change the world. You are someone that really does walk the walk…with swager… 🙂  I look forward to hearing many more of your podcasts. – GH

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